Educational Credit

This conference has been accredited by the following bodies:

  • Illinois MCLE Board: up to 10 general credit hours for all sessions.
  • State Bar of Texas: up to 8.75 general credit hours, only for sessions in the “Lead the Law” track.
  • Washington State Bar Association: up to 8.75 “Law and Legal Procedure” credit hours, only for sessions in the “Lead the Law” track; or up to 10 general credit hours for other sessions.

These accreditations also permit delegates to claim credit per the following policies:

  • New York Approved Jurisdiction Policy
  • California Approved Jurisdiction Policy

If your jurisdiction is not listed here, please refer to the rules of your local bar or law society on how you should apply for credit.  Many other jurisdictions in Europe, the US and Canada may permit you to claim credit for this event.

Certificates of Attendance will be sent by email by 9 June 2017 to delegates who have their badges scanned in every session they attend. It is the delegate’s responsibility to ensure his or her badge is scanned each time they attend a session.

If you are licensed in Texas or Washington State, we are required to report your attendance directly back to the bar. If you do not supply your number on the registration form where indicated, we cannot report your attendance and you will not receive educational credit.

Further queries relating to educational credit may be directed to


The conference’s Financial Hardship Policy only applies to delegates from jurisdictions where CLE/CPD is mandatory, and is available for download here. Requests under this policy should be directed to by 7 April 2017.